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Teeth Braces

There are a number of health and social benefits of having dental braces. A main reason cited by patients is a boost in overall confidence, which in turn can lead to an improvement in social and personal life. Braces can also improve health, especially when teeth issues lead to difficulty maintaining proper dental hygiene.

The Different Types Of Braces

metal teeth braces

Metal Braces

The most popular and traditional form of teeth straightening braces.

clear teeth braces

Clear Braces

Less visible than metal orthodontic braces.




Dental Braces Health Benefits

The primary health benefits of teeth braces are the potential improvements in dental hygiene, which can ultimately result in reduced risk of oral disease. Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and bite issues can often cause an increase in food buildup between teeth. As a result, individuals may experience an increase in plaque, or the soft film of bacteria that forms on tooth surfaces. Plaque is a significant contributor to periodontal and gum disease. By creating a more ideal environment for proper dental hygiene, braces can essentially improve a patient’s overall dental health.

braces dentist

Teeth Protection

Protection of the teeth is a significant benefit of braces. Patients with an irregular bite pattern often experience uneven stress and impact on certain teeth. Over time, the teeth of these patients may wear at a more rapid rate. This can lead to premature dental problems, such as a need to repair or replace damaged teeth. Patients with protruding front teeth may be more susceptible to tooth damage, especially when playing sports. Braces provide proper alignment, which can reduce the likelihood of damage.

orthodontic braces

Improved Eating

Benefits of teeth straightening braces also include improvements in eating for certain patients. Patients with teeth issues may experience difficulty biting and chewing food. As a result, patients may experience digestion or nutrition issues. Difficulty biting and chewing may also cause pain and discomfort while eating. Straight teeth from braces can help to alleviate these eating issues.

teeth alignment braces

Social Benefits of Braces

Apart from a patient’s health, one of the most significant benefits of braces is the impact they can have on an individual’s self-esteem. The majority of orthodontic patients get braces because they are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. Some may even be embarrassed or socially unconfident due to feelings that their teeth are less visually appealing than they would like. As a result, they may find themselves less comfortable and less likely to be themselves in social situations. Braces can help provide a boost of confidence and morale for the patient, which may in turn allow for more fulfilling social, personal, and professional lives.

adult teeth braces

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Paying For Braces

We are able to offer our patients these amazing payment options because we handle all of our financing in-house. Making personalized orthodontic treatment affordable is important to us as we want to create beautiful smiles for everyone.
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Low No Down Payment

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Affordable Monthly Payments

Our goal is to provide affordable personalized treatment plans that don't cause financial stress or burdens once you start treatment. Our monthly payments can fit any budget.

Adjustable Pay Periods

With our adjustable payment periods, it allows us to extend your financing time. Extending the financing period will reduce your monthly payment and reduce stress.

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